Upgrading the Fire Safety Measures on Construction Sites


June 4, 2019

FREMONT, CA – Fire safety incidents are an everyday occurrence, with entire media reports dedicated to the failure to implement sufficient safety measures. The increase in the number of fire safety incidents has urged the fire service to develop innovative approaches to reduce the frequency and severity of the fires.

Fire services are taking measures to reduce the adversity of accidents. They are collaborating with the construction industry to establish the role of respective organizations in addressing the issues of fire safety. They are also implementing new training approaches for emergency response personnel, inspection personnel, contractors, developers, to achieve reasonable fire safety awareness.

The National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) is working with relevant groups to revise the model codes. The fire and life safety section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and the American Wood Council have formulated significant revisions to be included in the international fire code.

The revisions propose the enhancement of fire safety plans for every construction projects, which includes a form with information on how to notify the fire department, evacuation measures, and so on. It also consists of the formation of fire watch when the job site is active. The requirements and directions for the safety directors are also included in the revision.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency Assistance to Firefighter Grants Program funded the NASFM fire research and education foundation for the development and implementation of augmented safety training for fire response personnel, general contractors and developers, subcontractors, and inspection personnel.

The safety training aims at providing the required knowledge required by the relevant groups to cooperate in the processes to safeguard the public from fire hazards at construction sites.

To realize the efforts of various departments and organizations to eliminate fire safety risks, the new code requirements need to be followed by the concerned personnel in charge of the construction sites. Jurisdictions should have enforcement mechanisms in place to garner compliance if the safety code requirements are not adopted voluntarily.

The training requirements offered by NASFM need to be implemented at every construction site to ensure maximum safety. Also, the construction industry, jurisdictions, and community members should collaborate for the establishment of best safety practices as outlined by the NASFM foundation.