The Construction Fire Safety Practices video series presents information about fire safe practices, site security, department cooperation and more.
Introduction – Construction Fire Safety Practices
Countless multi-family structures throughout the country are successfully completed every year. Construction Fire Safety Practices help prevent and minimize fires during construction.
Chapter 1 – Fire Prevention is Everyone's Business
A plan and management model should be in place to manage fire risks and hazards that includes the building contractor, building department and fire department.
Chapter 2 – Fire Protection Plan
Construction sites are required to have a Fire Protection Plan so everyone has the same understanding of how to mitigate fire risks and hazards.
Chapter 3 – Fire Safe Practices
Fire safe work practices are an important part of construction. Watch some of the important elements to include in a fire safety plan.
Chapter 4 – A Clean Jobsite is Fire Safe
The cleanliness of the jobsite can turn into a big problem in the event of a fire. Housekeeping should be a regular task to prevent additional fire load.
Chapter 5 – Fire Service is a Partner
The Fire Department is involved in fire prevention and fire suppression. Visits from the fire service to a construction site should happen throughout the project.
Chapter 6 – Site Security
There are many threats that can result in a fire in the off hours. Construction site security is critical and covers a few key aspects.
Chapter 7 – Stop Fire Before It Starts
Developers, architects, code officials and the fire service need to work together to create a safe working environment and safely complete a construction project.
Full Video – Construction Fire Safety Practices
Watch the full Construction Fire Safety Practices video series in one helpful video to learn about fire safe practices, site security, department cooperation and more.