Fire Safety is No Accident!

The Construction Fire Safety Coalition provides background information to both public and private sector organizations regarding how to reduce the frequency and severity of fires during construction.
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Fire Safety Toolkit

Stay up-to-date and increase awareness on the latest fire safety codes and standards. Download our toolkit including construction site checklists, evacuation plans, policies and more to help support your fire safety prevention program.
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Risks & Hazards

Risks & Hazards

Find helpful information to assess on-site risks, as well as safety practices for activities such as welding and hot work.
Codes & Standards

Codes & Standards

The building codes address requirements to avoid construction fires. Get materials highlighting requirements such as fire lane layout plans and fire watch policies.
Best Practices

Best Practices

Resources to avoid construction fires, guide fire and building code officials reviewing construction projects, and professionals providing safety training.
Fire Service Resources

Fire Service Resources

Get sample fire safety plans, fire ground strategy documents and tactics for large buildings under construction.
Watch the Construction Fire Safety Practices video series to learn about fire safe practices, site security, department cooperation and more.
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Fires in buildings under construction is no accident. It can be prevented. There are 5 steps that can be taken to ensure that good fire safety practices are followed. Learn more.

Fire Safety Manuals

Basic Fire Precautions During Construction of Large Buildings

Applies to the design and planning stages, as well as the actual construction of buildings.

Hot Work During Construction of Large Buildings

Describes best management practices of hot work, which is likely to reduce the occurrence of large loss fires more than any other specific topic with buildings under construction.

Fire Department Tools for Prevention and Suppression of Fires During Construction of Large Buildings

Outlines pre-fire planning for large building projects, and prepares tactics and strategy for a fire if it occurs.