The building department is responsible for the enforcement of the building code. Their area of expertise is primarily involved in assuring compliance with the building code. They will be inside of these buildings much more frequently than fire personnel and may have opportunity to spot fire hazard conditions before a fire inspector could spot them.

Five Steps to Follow

Fires in Buildings under Construction Fire is No Accident; It can be Prevented. Proper Steps to Assure that Fire Safety Practices are Followed Every year many fires occur in buildings that are under construction. They happen too often! Many finishes and construction materials are...


Use of Codes & Standards

The first building code was written by Hammurabi about 1754 BC. The concept of the modern building code probably emerged right after the turn of the century in 1900. Today all organizations involved with building systems recognize the need for modern up-to-date building codes to...


Preventing Catastrophic Fires

The construction industry recognizes the hazardous nature of its activities. Best management practices today are based on risk management and the idea that fire prevention is a high priority on all major projects. Low probability but high consequence events must be avoided at all...


Site Specific Fire Safety Plans

A site specific fire safety plan should include: The identity of any safety consultants or the contractor safety officer and on-site management/safety personnel. The schedule for safety inspections. Type and frequency of training conducted for contractor’s personnel including...


Risk Assessment

Contemporary theory on Risk Assessment is based upon the idea that all events can be classified as being in one of four areas of concern. They are Low probability and Low consequence; High probability and Low consequence; Low probability and High consequence; and lastly High...



The mission of this website is to provide background information to both public and private sector organizations regarding how to reduce the frequency and severity of fires during construction. This site identifies many best management practices that were collected during a literature search.

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