Many communities have adopted qualification and credentialing programs to assure competency in fire safety practices during construction. The following are programs that are available in different parts of the country to help prepare construction site fire safety managers to carry out their responsibilities.

Sample Programs

FDNY Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Able Safety Consulting


Advanced Practices

Emphasis On More Complicated Tools Management of open flame devices – information sheet.pdf Generators – information sheet.pdf Heavy equipment – information sheet.pdf Gas welding and cutting – information sheet.pdf


Basic Practices

Emphasis On Tools & Equipment Electrical – information sheet.pdf Heating appliances – information sheet.pdf


Inventory Of Websites For Research

“Frame Protect” Enhanced Fire Resistance During Construction Frame Homes (South West) Ltd, (Proprietary product that encapsulates framing panels to limit flamespread during construction) 16 Steps to Fire Safety, Promoting Best Practice on Timber Frame Construction...



The mission of this website is to provide background information to both public and private sector organizations regarding how to reduce the frequency and severity of fires during construction. This site identifies many best management practices that were collected during a literature search.

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